Furutech GTX NCF receptical break in, how long

Bought NCF with 6 day burn from seller. I have it burning in last 5 days on 2 cheap power bars with old desk top towers, fans, TiVo box, home theater amps. My amp and Preamp, phono stage and CD player are all tube so I don't use them. Ran system on outlet tonight and no bass, bright, sounds bad. First day with outlet it sounded very nice. Any owners of rhodium outlets can tell me what I'm in for time wise, or what to expect sound wise in next couple weeks, thanks
kosst the question is how is "audio gear" defined in that $3 billion number you throw out and in the $1.5 billion number how many of those are desktop or computer or bluetooth speakers? I agree it does take getting people to listen but the vast majority can't even conceive of active listening unless it's with headphones.
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Based on my experience with the NCF outlets, they take about 400 hours to settle down and at least 600 hours to run in. Before settling down, expect the unexpected as the sound will drastically vary each day.
So, everyone who is reading many of kosst’s posts, please read with a grain of salt.  Kosst has apparently made it his life mission to make sure we all feel silly for listening to different things and actually hearing differences.  Kosst, either you are really a troll in some fashion, or you really cannot hear differences with rhodium connectors or burn in, or you are actually letting your mind believe that you are hearing differences because you can see them on a scope.  It could actually very well be a combination of the last two items.
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