Furutech GTX-D NCF or Power Cord

Hi folks,

Focused on improving my digital front end -accomplished my goal. (Maestro AC outlet) (Front end: MacBook Pro >added Furutech Formula 2 USB cable> added Uptone USB Regen> added Teradak U9 LPS >added Ghent Gotham GAC-4 DC cable> > added VH Audio Flavor 4>added isolation transformer> added Silver Audio Wattmaster PC> PS Audio Nuwave DAC

Interconnects and speaker cables: JW Audio

Amplifier: Anthem I225 integrated (modified)> Wireworld Stratus 5 PC> Porter Port outlet. Speaker: Klipsch RF7II.

Focused on refining the sound quality of the electronics by replacing the Wireworld Stratus PC with another PC ($300 or less)  -or replacing the Porter Port AC outlet with a Furutech GTX-D NCF R - concerned that the horn of the Klipsch can sometimes be sharp depending on the downstream components so the Furutech GTX-D outlet might tip things over the top with too much sharpness in the highs. Also considering Cable Company recommendation for integrated amp PC replacement at $300 or under:  "Synergistic Research UEF Red power cord, Audience Forte F3, and especially Voodoo Cable Black Magic."

Any opinion on which route to improve the sound quality: the Furutech GTX NCF outlet to replace the Porter Port outlet, or new PC to replace the Wireworld Stratus PC?

My goal is to keep the weight in the mids and lows but refine and resolve the overall presentation and not introduce leanness.
Get 2 Furutech NCF clear lines ASAP big improvement in dynamics and noise floor.There power cords are great as well.
I've got  about 450hrs on a recently installed Furutech GTX NCF and  sharpness in the highs is no where near it's description, it may sound that way somewhere through the brun in process but no different than any other outlet sounding shrill harsh etc.., it will sound as neutral as your system is. The overall sound  is wonderful and like no outlet I've tried combing attack , slam and lighting fast transients with bloom , sound stage integrity and harmonic structure. I stayed away from this outlet for the very reason you described and after a late 2021 system upgrade it was the more than a cherry on top but another layer to the cake.

@jdub39 I'm curious which other outlets did you try before the Furutech and what were the sonic differences?

I like to use, what I deem as system synergy, to get the sound that engages me. Anything else like outlets, power cords etc, should just let that synergy shine more, not change the character through synergy. 

I've tried many outlets and at the time, each one seemed to sound better. I just have to remember that my system has changed several times as well.

Any opinion on which route to improve the sound quality: the Furutech GTX NCF outlet to replace the Porter Port outlet, or new PC to replace the Wireworld Stratus PC?


I would suggest that the Wireworld Stratus 5 cord is replaced with something else. I have the Wireworld Elektra 7 and it doesn’t sound too good when used on amplifiers. It sounds decent on digital but not on amps.

The Furutech GTX-D NCF outlet is very good. The only downside is the long burn-in period before it starts to sound stellar. Approximately 500 hours before you hear a sudden change in the presentation.

If one of the outlets in your porter port is available I agree with ebm, maybe consider plugging in an NCF Clear Line, or alternatively a Shunyata Venom Defender. YMMV, but I noted positive sq results in my 2 systems with both options.

@divertiti  Sorry for the late response ! I also currently have in the same 4gang box the AQ Edison outlet which replaced an PS Audio premier . The AQ Edison is no slouch by any means and could easily live with it I give an edge to the NCF due to dynamics and a bit more transparency without any sacrifice to musicality.

Have tried many different outlets but by far the Furutech GTX-D NCF were the most transparent and dynamic only downside it goes thru ups and downs during burin-in but after 750 hrs it's stunning. 

@jdub39 @rsf507 Thanks for the feedback. Did you find significant difference in opting for the additional wall plate and cover? They essentially double the price, so wondering if just getting the NCF outlet itself would yield meaningful improvement over AQ Edison?

@rsf507 Thanks, that's good to know. Curious which outlets have you tried before the Furutech GTX-D NCF?

@divertiti Cardas. Oyaides R-1 also just before the Furutech non NCF version. A few others over the yrs but the Furutech GTX-D NCF were far the best.

I have been using the Furutech GTX-D NCF for more than a year now. Fantastic sound. The power cord helps too. 😉