Furutech GTX-D Gold vs. Rhodium


Has anyone compared the two?

My system used to be on the side of neutral and was slightly bright with brass instruments until I added Cardas Golden Cross interconnects. The sound now is full bodied and tonal density is good. The bass has become softer and there is less speed and slam - although in balance, this is a lesser evil and one I could live with compared to brightness and sibilance.

I want to fine tune with an outlet but am unsure if the Furutech GTX-D Rhodium will tip the balance into sibilance and brightness or if the Gold will be too rolled off and dark in the highs and the bass tubby and slow.

I have used Oyaide SWO DX (also Rhodium plated) outlets which I found nice but lacking in bloom and slightly tipped up in the highs. Bass was tuneful and the sound fast.

Speedy feedback appreciated as I am on the verge of a purchase.

Rhodium plating receptacles, male plugs and IEC plugs in general tends to result in a neutral presentation, while gold leans toward warmth. Most people employ a mix of the two to achieve the balance they desire. You will find a lot of user opinions on Audio Asylum.
what did you wind up going with Mikey8811?