Furutech fuse

Back story. I find the prices of Synergistic fuses extortion. Like someone charging $100 for a cup of water in the desert. The product may have value as a tweak, the materials do not justify the price to me. 

However, ever the tweaker, I succumbed to buying a $40 Furutech 20mm 4 amp fuse for my preamp.

It’s rhodium plated OFC.

I tried it in both directions. Yes, it sounded more coherent in one direction than the other. I ran it for about 10 hours.

I did not like the sound. Etched and dry with reduced bass. I swapped back the original.

Well at least you can agree it DID have an effect which is a poke in the eye for all the fuse naysayers.

However in this application it was a change for the worse in your system to your ears and that is all that matters.

You cannot win every time especially with tweaks.

Kudos for trying!
Thanks. Everything makes an impact on sound. Mats, spikes, cones, wood of different types, brass, aluminum, cable, tubes, humidity, foam, dirty power, mood ... list is endless! And it's not always good.  
So you found that you can spend $40 for something that sounds worse than the $1 factory fuse. Yet you think $150 for a Blue Quantum Fuse that makes a bigger improvement than a lot of $500 power cords is a ripoff.

Oh wait. You don't know that. Because you haven't even tried one. 

Awful strong opinion to be based on.... nothing.

You say the SR fuse parts don't justify the price. Very interesting. So what exactly are the parts? Since you know so much I mean. About the fuse you've never seen. Or heard.