Furutech fuse

Back story. I find the prices of Synergistic fuses extortion. Like someone charging $100 for a cup of water in the desert. The product may have value as a tweak, the materials do not justify the price to me. 

However, ever the tweaker, I succumbed to buying a $40 Furutech 20mm 4 amp fuse for my preamp.

It’s rhodium plated OFC.

I tried it in both directions. Yes, it sounded more coherent in one direction than the other. I ran it for about 10 hours.

I did not like the sound. Etched and dry with reduced bass. I swapped back the original.


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Well at least you can agree it DID have an effect which is a poke in the eye for all the fuse naysayers.

However in this application it was a change for the worse in your system to your ears and that is all that matters.

You cannot win every time especially with tweaks.

Kudos for trying!
Quite a few high end manufacturers use mini breakers now.

Not had the pleasure of owning one so equipped myself unfortunately.

I do have to agree with Miller here.

It should sound better right away and only GET better as it "burns in".

The ONLY items I ever purchased new and hated and returned were a set of copper speaker  cables which just sounded excessively bass heavy and muffled right from the get go. Asked the manufacturer who suggested I let them burn in longer.

The general view of the Audiogon members was the same as mine, if it did not sound right to start with there was little hope it was going to improve drastically. So back they went.

I am always wary of these 200 to 300 hour claims of burn in especially with a 30 day return policy, do I need to add 2 and 2 for you......
If we are on the subject of the SR Blue fuse actually working then I have to agree.

I have two of them now, one in my integrated amp and one in my phono stage.

Expensive yes ( although I bought one on a special and it was basically free after buying the AC receptacle).

But not everybody is going to see the same results.

You pays your money and you takes your chances......