Furutech fuse

Back story. I find the prices of Synergistic fuses extortion. Like someone charging $100 for a cup of water in the desert. The product may have value as a tweak, the materials do not justify the price to me. 

However, ever the tweaker, I succumbed to buying a $40 Furutech 20mm 4 amp fuse for my preamp.

It’s rhodium plated OFC.

I tried it in both directions. Yes, it sounded more coherent in one direction than the other. I ran it for about 10 hours.

I did not like the sound. Etched and dry with reduced bass. I swapped back the original.


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You missed all the good stuff. No wonder you have such a bad attitude. Could 50,000 happy customers be wrong? 
Huh? Synergistic explains very clearly what they do to their fuses. I’m not sure I sign up 100% to their explanation, but at least they tried.

“Never get behind anyone 100%.” - Bob Beatty, my old boss at NASA
I don’t get what all the angst and mystery mongering is all about. Aftermarket fuses have been around like forever and and well understood. In fact there really aren’t any mysteries at all, as far as I can tell. They’re not forthcoming? Huh? Most fuse makers go to some lengths to describe exactly what’s involved. Cut me some slack, Jack!
Because the plain fact of the matter is nobody really knows why hardly any of this stuff works. If they did they’d all be doing it. Like take aerodynamics. Pretty much everyone knows why airplanes fly. The result is they all look so much alike you’d have to be an expert to tell one from another. With audio its like they still haven’t figured out if three wings are better, or even if we need wings at all.

>>>>Speak for yourself. I think what you probably mean is pretty much everybody takes airplanes and flight for granted and don’t think about it much and only a few people actually understand flight dynamics, fluid dynamics, propulsion and aerodynamics.
Actually, in the case of the Blue Fuse everyone does have the same results. Well, maybe there are a few outliers out of 40,000 or whatever. Who cares?
I can certainly understand if someone doesn’t get good results right away because the fuse will not sound right if it’s out in backwards. And since fuses are generally not marked for direction there is no way of knowing which way is the right way without evaluating both directions. Hi Fi Tuning a long time advised that no matter which direction is chosen the fuse will burn in and somehow turn into the correct direction over time. But now Hi Fi Tuning and everyone else knows better.
I heard through the grapevine that Audio Magic Ultimate SHD Beeswax Fuses are the bee’s knees. 🐝
“Stuff changes the sound.”

>>>>>Profound. 🤗