Furutech fuse

Back story. I find the prices of Synergistic fuses extortion. Like someone charging $100 for a cup of water in the desert. The product may have value as a tweak, the materials do not justify the price to me. 

However, ever the tweaker, I succumbed to buying a $40 Furutech 20mm 4 amp fuse for my preamp.

It’s rhodium plated OFC.

I tried it in both directions. Yes, it sounded more coherent in one direction than the other. I ran it for about 10 hours.

I did not like the sound. Etched and dry with reduced bass. I swapped back the original.


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Please be aware that the Furutech rhodium fuses require a very long time to burn in (around 200-300 hours).  After 10 hours, you are already in the "painful" stage.  Keep the fuse in the preamp for another 10-15 days and then do critical listening.  It will actually go through several changes.
That being said, I think a 4A fuse is probably way too much for a preamp.  I would not put in more than a 2A, but I don't know your current preamp model.
@geoffkait  - I think he was really talking about the folks at Synergistic Research.  And no, they don't reveal what they use in the fuse.  All they do is say "this fuse is so great it rocks!!".  However, I did go to the Synergistic room at RMAF (20 minutes I will never get back from my life!!), and I firmly believe there is a significant amount of expensive "snake oil" in the Synergistic products.  That being said, their fuses are doing something different than stock fuses and many people like them.