furutech fp-s022n vs neotech nep 3003 mkIII

 looking for some suggestions on these 2 cables which is better for digital source like cd transport , dac, maybe solid state preamp. I am going to build these pc with sonarquest silver plated copper plugs. my last 2 pc  I built was with dh labs red wave cable and the same connectors with great results. do you think the red wave would be over kill for the source? thanks for any help
I built diy neotec 3003 PC with Wattgate, ok, not really all that impressed. I've tried various diy pc over the years, best by far is the Helix diy cable with either Duelund AC rated tin plated, even better is the VH Audio Airlock. I now use the Helix with Airlock wire exclusively. Replaced various other DIY , Vh Audio Airsine, Shunyata Python. Rather difficult to build, but well worth it.

Various recipes for the Helix DIY. The exact version I use is 12 gauge for ground, Take Five cryo treated for neutral, Vh audio airlock for hot, no spades within ac connector, Cryo'd version of Part connexion Connex ac plugs.
The Neotech Mk III has some conductors that are silver plated.  Combining that with Wattgate connectors can make the sound a bit harsh and sterile.  I never liked Wattgate connectors or any other connectors using brass metal.

Since the Neotech has silver plating, it can sound just a tiny bit bright.  The Furutech is going to sound warmer.  However, the Furutech uses extremely small/fine conductors (probably around 32-36 awg).  I suppose it depends on what you want.

I have found the best power cords overall to be Audioquest NRG-4 with the stock plugs chopped and Furutech rhodium plugs put on.