Furutech FA-as22 vs FA-220

Just a quick question regarding comparison between the above cables.
I have used FA-220 terminated with FP-601R/FP-602R with amazing results (for the price); is the successor better or follows a different sound approach? 
These two cables (FA-as22 and FA-220) are almost identical. The only difference I can see is the as22 uses less strands, so the awg is more like 15.5awg vs. the 14awg of the older 220. I don’t think you will really hear any difference at all (after burn in). I suppose it’s possible that there might be a slightly tighter sound (less messy) with the smaller as22, but at 60 strands (15.5awg) you are already a mess.  If you wanted an improvement over this, I would look at a solid-core solution, such as the VH Audio Symmetry Cu balanced analog (XLR) at $129 per meter (20% discount at 2 meters).