Furutech Evolution II Interconnects

I borrowed several pair of cables from thecableco to audition with my digital source (Lampizator Level 4.5 / Gen 4) feeding a Cary SLP-05. I felt that my current cables (Audio Magic Liquid Illusion) were a bit too bright or aggressive. I am not sure what the right words are, but I am looking for something to "tone it down a notch." I also listen to a lot of records so that certainly influences my preference in sound.

One of the sets I listened to today is a pair of Furutech Evolution IIs. I am really liking them right now. They seem very quiet and I don't hear anything that seems exaggerated.

I am wondering what others' experience is with these cables and how they compare to the Reference which is the next model up. I think I liked the Evolution more than the Purist Audio Design Venustas which are twice as expensive.
Using the Cable Co is a very good choice. I've been using them for years. I didn't like the Purist either. I have some Furutech power products and like them very much. Haven't heard their IC's but by looking at the design, it wouldn't surprise me if they sounded similar to Audioquest. Did they send you any other cables? If not, maybe ask to try a pair of AQ Columbia. Its an incredibly good value.
They also sent me a pair of Jena Labs Fugue which I did not like at all.

Thanks for the advice on the AQ Columbias.
Hi Dminches, I concur with you...

I have reviewed the Furutech Evolution II wires in detail on Positive Feedback #45:


Evolution II are wonderful moderately priced wires, for those very reasons that you mention.... They are exquisitely listenable, musical, and surprisingly resolving for their price point... You cannot go wrong with them.


Have you also listened to the Reference? How do they compare, sound-wise? I realize they are a bit more expensive.

Sorry David, I have not tried out the Furutech Reference wires, so I have no idea of their sonic signature.

I found the PAD Venustas to sound a bit sharp for my tastes, too much leading edge.
You can better the Furutech Evolution IIs by using their next level up bulk cable, which I believe is the same as used in the reference line.
I have used DIY IC cables using their u-P2.1-50 PCOCC with Alpha (magnetic & cryogenic) treatment and their excellent rca and XLR connectors. The main difference is the absence of the EMI-absorbing GC-303 module, which is not available for DIY (to my knowledge).
I will be posting (on A'gon) and selling off some cables soon if you are interested, or you can make your own.
The price difference is crazy. For $270 one can make their own 1 meter cable using Furutech's wire and connectors. That same interconnect (with the GC-303 module) costs $1500.

Have you used the solderless connectors or would you recommend the ones that require soldering?
I like the FP-108 best for rca because of the PCOCC center pin and because I personally like the solid center pin instead of their center pins that have a bunch of thin wires to make contact. The FP-108 facilitates a "crimp" type connection via a set screw. The FP-110 can also be considered (solid PCOCC center pin but in gold not rhodium like the FP-108) For some reason, the FP-110 must be soldered and does not have a crimp style set screw connection like the 108.
I have also made several pairs of XLR cables from this wire using the excellent FP-601/602 XLR connectors - these need to be soldered.
The 108 and 110 have OCC solid center pins treated with their alpha process.
The 106 has what they call their "filament" center pin (which is comprised of small spring tensioned wires) and those are phosphor bronze, probably because copper would not stand up to the repeated tensioning and release of connecting and unconnecting the rca plug. This is why pure copper is not usually used in electrical outlets, etc.
The 106 does have set screw connections (same as the 108 but not the 110), so no soldering, and it is a fine sounding connector. The 106R is used in their Reference line of finished cables while the 110G is used in the Evolution line. Interestingly, for their flagship Lineflux cables, they use the CF-102R rca plugs that have a solid center OCC rhodium plated conductor, like the 110 plugs used on the Evolution line.
All their plugs work and sound great, and you can choose between the typical sonic differences between rhodium and gold plating. I personally like the solid center pin over the filament pin, just personal preference.