Furutech e-TP80 AC Line Conditioner

Does anyhone have any experience with this power conditioner? It uses very high quality outlets, and is relatively cheap ($500). But the technology seems pretty simple. I'm wondering: 1) How does it sound? and 2) Does it provide all the "right stuff". Thanks.
Hi Peter, I've been wondering about this guy myself.

Remember Viggen [Ed], the guy you sold your Aleph 3 to? He's been using the Furutech E-TP60 in conjunction with an Audio Magic Stealth recently. You might want to ask him.

Will be reviewed very soon at 6 Moons, keep checking there they have great reviews especially if Srajan does the review..........he has used all the best conditioners in his reference system.


Also have a review of new Audio Magic Eclipse coming soon.