Furutech e -tp60 e

Shall i have all the units connected to the power distributor ? cdplayer, pre and poweramp ?

Or shall i connect one of them to the walloutlet ?


I'm using an e-tp80, and I don't know if they are identical or not (other than the 2 additioal outlets), but mine has a low-power set of outlets for digital sources, (filtered), another for accessories and pre-amps, (filtered), and a set unfiltered, for power amps. Try using it thusly, and if things sound good to you, fine, if not change things up. Many people believe power amps are best plugged directly into a wall outlet, but mine sounds great plugged into the Furutech.
I have the same unit that you have and used all the components connected to it - As it is intended to be used with 230V source so it should have plenty of current to satisfy less power hungry units such as CD player and combine with power amps in the region of 500W would be OK.
I used it with Lessloss power cables and it sound marginally better straight from the wall.