furutech E-tp60

Still researching power strips...

This one is more expensive than others that have been recommended here...eichmann power strip, ps audio juice bar, mapleshade power strip but the build quality looks very high, has anyone used this product or could comment on furutechs power strips in generalis this a significant step up from any of the above mentioned products...thanks
Although there may be someone who has compared all the possible choices, why not try one with money back guarantee, to establish your own baseline? Choose the cheapest one, or the most esoteric looking one (my favorite, the Mapleshade top of the line,) or the one that is highly regarded by one of the experienced Audiogon members whose past advice you have already been helped by?
In your own system, with your own ears, you have to be convinced of the need to spend more money to get more performance. This is a good way to gain audiophile self-confidence, which we all have lacked when we first entered this complicated hobby.