Furutech deStat original v's Furutech deStat II

Has anyone tried both these units. I'm trying to find out if one is better/more effective than the other for vinyl.

In addition if someone can ofer the comparison of the size and ease of handleing. I have the original and find it pretty bulky to hold, is the II smaller and lighter?

$425 at Galen Carol or TTVJ
I have deStat I which works very well but have not tried deStat II. However, for the price, it would be well worth just looking into regular hair dryer that has negative ion. Panasonic makes a few models with negative ions as far as I know. Not sure about other brand though, only for $30-40, if I rememeber correctly. When I try it on LPs that has a lot of static when I touch them. Furutech is faster at getting rid of static but the Panasonic hair dryer will do the same thing but a bit slower but also blows much stronger to get rid off some dust. The manual did say that it will generate negative ion even when use with fan only and no heat so there is no worry about damaging LP with heat.
I'm using an industrial spot ion blower. They are used in ESD sensitive enviroments, e.g. electronics production lines in factories. No "audiophile" junk, real industrial application,
beter models have ion balance feedback regulation, different fan speeds etc. One can find them on auction sites for $20-$100 depending on a model/condition (new ones in the shops are +/- same price as Furutech). It's important to have a corona discharge one, not the alpha source which emits ions continously but the alpha particle source has to be replaced once in a year.
I suspect Furutech is one of them just put into battery powered handy package and rebranded...and 5x the price.

I owned both items & found that deStat II has improved the
performance by 20-30% ,more quiet & details but the original is easier to handle while using on lp.
So the DeStat 2 is 120% effective.

I did not see where Sugar stated that the destat was "100%" effective. Also, fyi if you have $100.00 and i give you $200.00 I have just given you 200% of what you previously had (speaking quantitatively) :)
Ebm, I re-read my post. If I came off smarty-pants that was not my intent. I apologize if it in fact appeared that way. Best regards :) it is just a hobby and I do take it that way.., way less serious than some people make it out to be :)