Furutech Bulk Power Cable???????

I am using some Furutech bulk cable in my sytems to the tuners and they are decent but I cannot find any posts in regards to the Furutech bulk power cable. Anyone out there hear or have experience with these cables?? I am using the FP-5TS20 cord and it is good but I cannot find any info on this cable. I also have the Furutech FP-5ST872 10 gauge cable which isd a larger gauge but not as high a quality copper. I have not heard the 10 gauge cord yet.It is burning in on my computer. The FP-5TS20 which is Furutech's highest grade copper but is a 14 gauge sounds pretty good with just 200 hours on it. I was just curious of other peoples experiences as I cannot find info on these cords anywhere but on Furutech's website.
Check out MAC cables.

After several hundred or so hours burn in (300hrs) this cable proves to be pretty good. They are a touch glarey at first play but they settle down nicely.I am using them.