Furutech AC torque

I am re-making a power cable using Furutech FI-28 (R) plugs.  Does anyone have the package insert that specifies the amount of torque to the screw terminations?  Thanks!  
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Sorry, I don't have a specific number but from my own experience you can really clamps down on the screw terminals to to the point of almost having a gas tight connection.  I've never stripped a screw termination.
For the poles, the instructions state 150 cN*m or 150 centi Newton meters. This is about 1.1 foot-pounds.

Wattgate advises about 12 in-lbs torque which is 1 foot-pounds. So, about the same.

From what I can tell, hard hand tight might exceed 3 foot-pounds. It depends on your hand and wrist strength.

I think the main issue is you don’t want to tighten so hard you could break the small stranded wires.
Thanks, Mooglie.  I am using a CDI Torque screwdriver on this, and I tested it on the screw terminal after I had tightened by "feel" to what seemed reasonable.  The screwdriver "broke" at only 25 cNm.  That's the torque effort I had achieved by feel--far short of 150 cNm.  I will torque a bit more, then, but not all that much more---thanks!