further to $ 2000. bookshelf speakers

I had the opportunity to listen to Totem series 1 signature speakers at a friends house. Same size room as mine approx. 12X 20 feet. To me they were very bright and lively.The highs were very crisp and pronounced. The bass was punchy and point source. Unfortunately they are not for me.I'll try to explain, I could clearly hear the drumsticks strike the Cymbal more so than the cymbal. The bass sounded to be on its own rather than part of the Band. The music was Miles Davis and Coltrane. In my quest for mellow and rich sound these did not do it. I am leaning towards Harbeth p3 ESR based on comments here from replies to my earlier post. The question is, will the Harbeth sound more mellow and less bright and fill the room more than the Totems? Your answers will be very much appreciated.I am trying to find a Harbeth listening location here in Canada Toronto area.
Regards Peter
I believe Planet of Sound in TO carries Harbeth

As far as which of the listed standmounts will sound "better" to you is entirely dependent on

(A) system synergy with the rest of your gear - all of electronics, source and cables (ICs, speaker and power ). System synergy matters big- time.... And one size does not fit all.

(B) your particular listening room acoustic environment

Just because Brand x sounds good in one guy's system has nil assurance that it will sound good in yours.
I own the Harbeths and they can be a tad bright if not mated
correctly with your electronics. If you want to play it safe
and not worry about bright sound you should give the Spendor
3/5r2 a listen,believe you me that speaker will never sound
bright. BTW,I have owned both! The speaker you choose you
should go for one with a sealed woofer,the bass is nice and
I stumbled on to these recently .... An unexpected audition that left me slack-jawed at just how damn good they can be , if paired with suitable high-end electronics and cables . (... don't try to fake it with cheap supporting gear....)

ATC SCM 11 (2013 model) (.... the NEW model, not the old.)

WHAT HI-FI 5 stars rating

".... Our Verdict .....

Best standmounter £800-£1200, Awards 2014. ATC has struck gold again. These are the most talented standmounters anywhere near this price


Versatile, balanced sound
Smooth and subtle with fine power and weight
Insightful, expressive vocals


Nothing of note

Read more at http://www.whathifi.com/atc/scm-11-2013/review#ISVEZcBCq0g0MJ2x.99
I think you should listen to both Spendor and Proac lines before purchasing. Harbeth get great reviews, and I bought a pair based on those reviews without hearing them first. I sold them two months later after determining they were not what I wanted. Unless you are buying used and can resell without significant loss you should audition before purchase.
Since your in Canada check out Ref3A de Capos
I'm presently falling in love with my Clearwave Duet 6 monitors but they're more than your budget. If their Aperture S52 is anything like it, it just may be what you're looking for, and they're right at your budget until they run of of the remaining stock.

All the best,
For this price point, i'd strongly suggest the vapor sound stiff breeze or breeeze speakers. Ryan, the owner, has put alot of money into these speakers. He pits alot of money into the speakers, probably three times the money and work into a 2k speakers then most other companies.
Could have been listening to the room more than the Totems.
Fritz Carbon 7 SE (no contest)
Sound field m1's. Haven't heard a monitor that size that can touch them. Pair for sale on here currently.
Nola Boxer would be worth a look. Best of luck.
Stiff Breeze, stellar revuew from Terry London, who said the stuff breeze much better then lsa statements
If you are going to go nola boxer, check out his upgraded version of the nola he custom makes.
Fritz also well well well reviewed..great guy to speak to and puts alot of time into his speakers
I recently purchased a pair of Nola Boxer 2's.(used) I am coming off a pair of Totem Dreamcatchers. My listening room is only about 9x12. I found the Dreamcatchers to have uncanny imaging. I never found them to be bright. In comparison with the Nola's,I found the Totem's to be missing some inner detail. The Nola's seem to to everything very well in my small room. Bass is tight,not harsh up top,and I feel they image every bit as good as the Totems.
Not quite $2,000 and below...but how do the Odeon Orfeos stack up to the Harbeth P3ser, Nola Boxers 2, Totems, ATC11 etc etc. Are they a cut above in SQ (refinement) or somewhat at the same level. Anyone have first hand experience with the Orfeos? Thanks. 
I second the Fritz Carbon 7 SE. Had the original 7 and it was fantastic. I wish people would stop recommending the Harbeth PS3er....overrated/ over priced. Even if you like that speaker a better cheaper version is available from Meniscus Audio if you don't mind going the DIY route.