Furtech Fl-32MR or Qyaide M1 AC/IEC plug ends?

       "Please don't color my sound of my new Ayer Qx5 Twenty Dac."

DIY: Re-end my Synergistic power cable. $200 to $300 price point.

I know their many variables> Amps-Pre-amps- speakers, etc

But in the end>> Ac plugs are square one before any of the for mentions even light up.

AC plugs can be a coloring box sent into your system. I'm looking for a coloring box of

 invisible palette sticks. As you see I've settled well respected brands two start on.

Those who own or used any of these 2. Or know of a better choice. Give your heads UP why.



 Those with Neurosis "The inability to Tolerate Ambiguity."

                                                              Sigmund Freud.


p.s. may I take it you terminate your audio cables with off the self

                                     AC& IEC plugs from Home Depot?

Building a coloring box of $200-300 plugs is quite a commitment.  Are you planning on swapping them one at a time and use the same wire?   That will remove the wire variable but makes it harder to compare the differences back to back.   You might want to think about going with a cheaper power cord wire first and make up a few cables the same design but with just different plugs.   That way it is easier to swap them around and you should hear how the plugs color the sound.
When I hear about power plugs coloring the sound the first thing I think of is the plating on the prongs.  You might want to compare pure copper, silver, rhodium, and gold for starters.    They are all supposed to change the sound.  At least that is what people say.......


 I've settled on my power cords from Cerious Tech in March.

                               On which I give 5 *****

I'm only going research plugs if I can better what the comes on them..

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