Furtech Fl-32MR or Qyaide M1 AC/IEC plug ends?

       "Please don't color my sound of my new Ayer Qx5 Twenty Dac."

DIY: Re-end my Synergistic power cable. $200 to $300 price point.

I know their many variables> Amps-Pre-amps- speakers, etc

But in the end>> Ac plugs are square one before any of the for mentions even light up.

AC plugs can be a coloring box sent into your system. I'm looking for a coloring box of

 invisible palette sticks. As you see I've settled well respected brands two start on.

Those who own or used any of these 2. Or know of a better choice. Give your heads UP why.



 Those with Neurosis "The inability to Tolerate Ambiguity."

                                                              Sigmund Freud.


p.s. may I take it you terminate your audio cables with off the self

                                     AC& IEC plugs from Home Depot?