Furniture quality speaker stands?

OK I've looked around for speaker stands that would not only provide the solid foundation needed for sound quality as well as look good in the living room to keep the wife happy.

I've had a hard time finding anything acceptable. Has anyone else had this problem? Found any options that I may have mmissed?

I decided to build my own. They match my entertainment center perfectly. Check them out and let me know what you think. You can see them here....

Very nicely done. Functional, warm, and seems to mate well with the surroundings.
Nice job. I've found that it pretty easy to make T.V./Audio stands using nat.oak. The shelves are made from a cherry
laminate particle board which costs little $ and matches real well w/the oak. Applied satin varnish from a spray can. A joy to see and will last quite a long time. (Unlike the components which made be housed in or on it!)
Why have manufacturers ommitted this market? or have I just not found them? It seems to me that most people would like a nice looking stand that mates well with the surroundings, yet most offerrings are black mdf or steel tubing of some sort.

At the price (or less) of some of the high end steel stands solid hardwoods could be used that would look beautiful..
Check this website:
Plateau V23 clones of the big Targets, but only $229/pr list. Look classy and work REALLY well.
Unless I am looking at the wrong item the Plateau V23 look just like all the other typical steel stands....perhaps a little cheaper though..