Furniture polish vs. Walker ultra vivid on cd's

I have been using furniture polish on my cd's for a couple years now. I have been happy with the more analog sound it creates. Better focus, less harsh and such.

I never knew what the expensive products such as Walker ultra vivid and others would be like in comparison. I figured at 68 times more expensive the Walker type products have to be better.

Well, I finally bought some Walker ultra vivid and was eager to see what I've been missing the last couple years. My wife actually did the comparison with me. We did this using a cd cleaner to reclean the cd afterwards and did the comparison several times to verify our findings of the two products.

It was intersting, but my wife said it first that the Walker did not sound as good. She said it even before I had a chance to say it first that the female voice on one of the songs had a harshness. I agreed with the same findings. Simply, the Walker was more fatigueing with the digital brightness.

Now, I would have liked to of tried several of the other types of cd fluids during this same time, but I at least knew that the furniture polish over the last two years was not a waste of time.

I am curious if anyone has tried something that works good like furniture polish or did some type of comparisons.
I now use Meguiar's "Scratch-X" auto finsher cleaner.
It works well.
Elizabeth, I'm glad you reminded me. I heard the auto waxes work for some people. I will have to try that one.

It was intersting, but the walker stuff had a auto wax type feel and smell to it.
What brand if furniture polish did you use? I've been using Walker Vivid but would (wood?) like something less expensive. Thanks
furniture polish or anything that will lift grim or anything sticky will eventually eat the factory laquer.
Shine Ola has worked great for me and is pretty cheap, 20.00 bottle
What kind off furniture polish do you use?
The Scratch-X is NOT a wax. It is a cleaner. It has a very slight abrasive, that can remove swirl marks (great for tiny scratches on CD/DVD.)

I have actually wanted to compare a couple different furniture polishes I have in my home theater but have not. I have settled Old English due to it being a bit thicker then others. Pledge may be a bit easier to wipe off.

I don't buy that furniture polish eats the factory laquer. I remember reading so many years ago in those home tips type books and they where recommending furniture polish on cds for helping if you have cd's that skip. I know someone years ago using it for that purpose and the cd's are still good from what I been informed.

I suppose if your a maker of these cd fluid type products you may say that it eats laquer on cds. It basically just puts a protective wax coating on it.
You just want to avoid products that contain: Petroleum distilates... They may (or may not) damage the actual plastic the CD is made out of.. let alone the label side coating.
Thanks Freemand. Can't wait to give it a try.
One thing, how do we know that the cd fluid products manufactured don't have anything in them that could do damage to the cd 10 years down the road.

All these cd treatments on the market are relatively new. The only true way to maybe be safe is nothing at all, but whats the fun in that.
If this stuff gets on the laser, the least it will do is make it harder for the disc to be read without errors. If you are actually hearing different sound, it's probably because the player's error corection is filling in the blanks.
When you whip the stuff off it's totally dry. I can never tell a treated disk to a non treated disk so there can really be no way to get it anywhere.

I would think the old english may be a good choice. I have researched before at the ingrediants and it all seems to be oil based.
Whats shine ola...kind of car wax?
I have been using ZYMOL(very good car polish) for about 2 years. apply it with microfiber lightly,(several times around the disc) and remove with Microfiber in the same manner. Then play the Disc once you have lightly buffed all the polish off, and you will be absolutly amazed at what you here.

Shine Ola is a pure cleaner made by Record Research Lab. Very useful for removing mold-release compound. I use it prior to treating discs with Jena Labs 3D-X, which I've found to be the best treatment out there--and I've tried and owned most of them.
The problem that 'someting' might create a problem 10 years down the road is interesting.
ten years from now:
The 23,823 people still alive after an alien ship sprays a virus throughout the world aren't worried about what thier Cds look like!!
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there are many, many more negative possible outcomes in ten years time. Enjoy what you got today.
(am I EVIL or what???)
Are you married Elizabeth?
Wow Elizabeth would you mind elaborating a little further.
Elizabeth, you go! As I said above if we don't treat them due to what will happen ten years from now, whats the fun in that.
Elizabeth, You are a good way!