Furniture choices for HT setup

Greetings everyone. I am making final choice on furniture for my home theater setup and could use your input.

The setup will be on a 1/2 wall (102") in the family room that opens up into the kitchen. The family room is 17x17 ft. The room is nicely decorated by my wife, and she is requesting a piece of furniture- rather than an open stand design- ideally in a dark expresso wood finish to match the rest of the room. At least at this point, we are not planning to mount the TV on the wall, but I am open to all suggestions.

Equipment is as follows:
Samsung LCD 46"
Totem Arro (main L/R)
Totem DreamCatcher Center & Surrounds
Totem Storm Sub

The two main contenders are the following:
StandoutDesigns Horizon N702 (70W x 24.24H x 21D)
BDI Novia 8428 (52W x 29H x 22D)

Your thoughts? Would one stand vs the other on this relatively short wall lend itself to more optimal audio results? Once I have stuck a piece of furniture between my main L/R speakers, have I seriously compromised my 2-channel listening?

Thanks in advance.
We've got a BDI Marina. While this isn't exactly what your looking for I'd just like to say that the Marina is very well built. The design with audio visual in mind is wonderful. There are Velcro fasteners for cable management and softly contoured access holes on the under side rear of the cabinet for speaker or any other outboard cable management. Magnetic door latches and a center downward opening door that has a gas shock so it doesn't slam open. Excellent ventilation, infra red compatible, and wheels.

Many of these features weren't mentioned in their catalog. It came fully assembled which made insured home delivery the way to go.

We went from an enclosed cabinet to an open stand and while the display is much larger (60" Kuro) the room seems more open and airy without that large piece of furniture.
Thanks for the reply. I checked out the BDI Marina on their website. Clean and contemporary looking. Very nice.

I'm a bit confused by your post. Are you saying you used to use the Marina, and now changed to an open stand? If so, did you notice any significant change in acoustics?
Shrink, sorry for the delayed response. 'Open Stand' meaning screen out in the open on top of the cabinet. The componentry is enclosed by dark tinted glass doors so the remotes still work.

In our previous cabinet the CRT and componentry sat inside an inclosed cabinet with doors.