Furman Reference IT 15i power conditioner

I have a good buy on a brand new one, but I can't find any reviews on this power conditioner.
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I own a Furman IT Reference 20i and it is without doubt the best addition to my system that I could have made. Dead silence, details, speed, body all improved with no down sides. Bass is clean and deeper. I’ve owned others from so called audiophile companies and I sold them all and quickly. My Furman been in my system for 3 years and is not going anywhere. I see Audioquest hired the guy from Furman and they have their unit out at a cost almost double and it functions and has the same setup in the back like my unit. Audiophile name and you will pay more than needed. As far as being flat, well I don't get that concern, every recording I play sounds great and if tube recording they sound warm and musical and then if from the soild state era it sounds that way. So is this not what we want? The unit does not hurt your system. 
All who own Furman's and the twins Audioquest. Using the top outlets of each bank provides the best sound and lowest noise, using the bottom out of the bank will thin out the sound somewhat and is less dynamic but like always try them both for yourself.