Furman Reference IT 15i power conditioner

I have a good buy on a brand new one, but I can't find any reviews on this power conditioner.
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I have the Furman IT Reference 15i and Elite 15i. 1) Reference is much cleaner than Elite. It's worth the extra costs. 2) The symmetrically balanced outlets are much cleaner than the linearly filtered outlets. Sonically, the two types of outlets are different. I would say the symmetrically balanced outlets gives a flatter frequency response curve, hence flatness. Whether that is a good thing or not, it's a personal taste. I'd say there is a reason that the IT Reference 20i has eight symmetrically balanced outlets but the 15i has only two.

I wonder if anyone compared the 20i's symmetrical outlets and 15i's, as the 20i's symmetrical outlets are also linearly filtered but the 15i's are not.