Furman power conditioner question

Hi group,
I have a great vintage pair of Arcams: an Alpha 9 integrated amp and Alpha 9 power amp that are coming back from my Arcam tech - getting a good tuneup; they're being put back into service. I bi-amp them with my B&W 805's.

Question: I would like to use a Furman power conditioner but my bank account doesn't allow me to buy the top reference model; the Elite 20 PFi is more affordable than the Reference SPR20i. Would I notice a difference going with the Elite 20?

I am already running an Elite 15PFi in my home theater system and am happy with it.

I would like to upgrade a step or two above for my Arcams.

I appreciate in advance your advice.

No experience with urman. However, I can rec an inexpensive power conditioner I recently placed in my system: Blue Circle's Thingee. Lots of good online reviews. Its only about $220 so its pretty reasonable and very effective.
It's a tough decision. I can't help but think that you may not be putting your money into the most effective place. You don't list a source. If you don't already have something good, I would look into that option first.

As far as power products go, people get very different results with the same products. You really have to try them. For an entry level unit, I had good luck with a Monster power conditioner. Monster had Richard Marsh from MSD design them. I forget the model I had but it was around $200-$300. They sell them everywhere. If you get it from a place like Best Buy you can always return it if you don't like it.
I bought a used Furman REF20i here on Audiogon. Lucky it was close enough to go pick up. (100 miles away)
I am very happy with it. It was a great deal too.
I would say as long as the Furman has the 'power factor' tech in it, it should be great.
Hi everyone,
Thanks for your response; much to think about.
Elizabeth - I'm now looking at the used power conditioners here on AudiogoN; perhaps I'll find a deal as good as yours.

My Arcams are coming back as virtually new units, thanks to my friend Audio Doctor, in Phoenix; (they needed some tweaks due to their age); I want to make sure I get the best I can afford.

Thanks again for your responses, and if anyone else wants to chime in, please feel free.

Furman 20i is about as good as it gets. Designed for studio pro use. Look for a well cared for used one. Weight in at 81 lbs. Same as the Niagara 7000.