Furman power conditioner on SMPS amps?

I have 2 smps class ab studio monitors (12w each when playing music) and a linn ds streamer with smps. Does it make sense to use a furman ac215 on them - in regard to sound and protection from over voltage ?
I think it makes sense. I have a Panamax MR4300; same company as Furman. Generally speaking you shouldn’t really notice any improvement in sound. Meaning, if the change in sound is more than subtle there is something else fundamentally wrong. The benefit is primarily to your equipment (efficiency, protection, etc.) and secondarily to your ears and peace of mind.

It always makes sense to use a surge protector. The Furman units with SMP are among the best, and include a filter that is active in the audio range, unlike a lot of other conditioners.  I have two Furman's, one with LiFT and one without, both with SMP.

I cannot tell an audible difference with SMP, but I can with LiFT.  Top end is smoother, cleaner sounding, but LiFT is more expensive.