Furman IT-REF 20I USERS- Tired Subject but Would like to hear from owners/users

Like the title says, I want to hear about your thoughts on Furman IT REF 20i for your SS/Tube Amp and Audio Needs. 
Am also interested in this topic and wonder if any have had a chance to compare the Reference with the Furman P2400IT . Know that the reference has the power boost capacitor but otherwise they look similar and the 2400 is substantially less expensive. Have used the Furman Elite-15 for years and it works OK but never really notice the need for the power boost (using class A monoblocks and large 5-channel A/B amps).
In essence, the IT-REF 20i generates clean power while providing AC voltage,series multi stage and non sacrificial protection. I'll assume the REF 20 does not do under voltage because it generates clean power itself and has capacitance to store power so its not really either talked about or needed. Reference anything is usually top of the line. What have you found in compare? 
Ran the 15i Elite for years and it was okay, not the 20.  My Decware ZLC conditioner crushed it.  I mean night and day, as if the Furman did nothing.  3 month wait time.  Ignore if this doesn't help.
How does the 20i compare to high-end Niagra units? 5000, 7000?

Kissen cousins. 

High-End? Please, Furman is used in pro studios. Because its market as pro use does not mean it not good enough for high-end, Just a 4 thousand more to the price then I guess you think it's high-end. Furman is a pro's pro. Garh worked on both design, they weight the same, some updates in the 7000 but sonically flip the coin and how anyone equipment will work with any of those units is a must try it and see. A good power cord is a must also for any of them to function right.