furman elite 20 power conditioner

Has any tried the new furman elite 20 power conditioner in there system? In the audio advisor catalog it says that it has the effect of almost doubling the power of your amp, what do you guys think?
have used the elite 15 and it was very good --have an extra one for sale do to changing system and still using one --rich
Furman products are simply awesome. Great bang for the buck and the only power conditioning I've tried that has improved the sound in my system. I don't know anything about effectively "doubling the power of your amp," however. That statement sounds like it may have come from an over exuberant salesman. But Furman's I have heard (including the Elite 15) almost magically refine the sound in your system, adding detail and depth. On the other hand, other power conditioners I've heard have either done nothing or done more harm than good.
thanks newmanoc, I noticed that you mentioned overture audio in ann arbor, I am from ann arbor and have been in that store several times, a nice place, are you from around ann arbor
I'm a huge fan of Overture, and can't recommend them highly enough. You would probably do well to consider buying your Furman from them. It may cost you a fraction more than at Audio Advisor, but they will do the A/B for you in the store and are excellent educators.

Chris Newman

P.S. In answer to your question, I was raised in Ann Arbor, but now live just outside it in Saline.
I still use a Furman ITRef20i for all my audio equipment and an Elite 15PF for my HDTV DLP, Lumagen Scaler, HDTV Receiver, etc....both units are permanent part of my system now as their effects are both widespread and excellent on the quality of the system as a whole. As to any marketing claim that by a catalog that something would effectively double the power of an amp, I'd suggest you call Furman and get the tangible benefits as they would explain them. You won't go wrong with Furman.
I use several Furman power-conditioning/distributing products. IMO they offer some the best value in their arena. I love my sequencing power conditioner...use it for powering up the 5 channels of tube amplification in my HT system.