Furman Elite 15PFi upgrade over Power Wedge 116

Looking to upgrade line conditioner. Would a Furman Elite 15PFi be a upgrade over my Power Wedge 116? My budget is around $600.00 to $700.00. It would be used with the following equitment noted below with the exception of my integrated amp, Plinius 9200. Opinions appreciated. Thanks Brian

Rega Turntable P5 w/Dyanvector 20X2L
Rega Dac
Wadia 171i
Pioneer Blu Ray BDP 51FD
Onyko HT Receiver TR NX809
Anything is an upgrade i had that 20 yrs ago. Try Audience.This must be very important as its posted X4.
The Cable Company has added power conditioners, to their lending library. I'd suggest you try it, before you buy it: (http://www.thecableco.com/Catalog/Power-Line-Products)