Furman Elite 15PFi upgrade over Power Wedge 116

Would a Furman Elite PFi15 line conditioner be a upgrade over my Power Wedge 116 line conditioner? My budget is around $600.00 to $700.00. It would be used with the following equiptment noted below with the exception of my integrated amp. Thanks Brian

Plinius 9200
Rega Dac
Rega Turntable P5 w/Dyanvector 20X2L
Pioneer Blu Ray BDP 51FD
Onyko HT Receiver TR NX809
Wadia 171i transport
Posting in ONE spot is enough. You posted the exact same question FOUR times. I guess you are in a hurry for an answer?
Anyway bad manners to repost the same question over and over
Sorry for the multiple post. I thought my original post did not go through. I did not realize it took one day for Audiogon to post this.
I tried a Furman 15PFi on my Denon receiver 4806, and it really was the perfect match for it. i returned the (new) Furman as it was MO overpriced for what was in it.
Later i found a used Furman REF20i for $1,500 close enough to go pick up, and I have been happily using it since.
I like what the Furman 15PF did.
If you found a used one, or got 25% off (Furman has a high markup) Paying retial for it is way too much.
Though, I am a cheapskate, and I have to say the 15PF was a great unit with my Denon. Synergy.
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