Furman Elite 15PFi upgrade over Power Wedge 116

Looking to maybe replace my line conditioner. Would a Furman Elite 15PFi be a upgrade over my Power Wedge 116? My budget is around $600.00 to $700.00. It would be used with the following equiptment noted below with the exception of my integrated amp. Thanks for any feedback. Brian

Plinius 9200
Rega Dac
Rega Turntable P5 w/Dyanvector 20X2L
Pioneer Blu Ray BDP 51FD
Onyko HT Receiver TR NX809
Wadia 171i transport
Brian, you never know until you plug it in and give 'er a listen; however, I found the old Power Wedge 116 isn't all that bad after all. Each receptacle is totally isolated using some pretty hefty isolation transformers and the entire unit overall is built fairly well. One thing that you can do to improve the 116 is to upgrade it's receptacles. Almost anything is better than what Audio Power used at the time. As you probably already know, the original receptacles don't fit a plug very tightly. Even the commercial replacements available at Home Depot are a major improvement over the originals. Also while you are at it, replace the MOV in there as well. By now, itÂ’s probably close to being non-functional due to age. Just read the number off the side of the MOV, which looks like a big ceramic disc-capacitor and order a new one or two from Digi-Key or Mouser.

BTW the way, I still use my upgraded 116 plugged into an older Furman IT-1220 (balanced power) for everything except my power amps. Power amps go straight to the wall on dedicated circuits.