Furman Elite -15i linear filtering AC power source

Anyone with any experience with this product?

Currently, I have no stand alone power conditioner or surge protection unit with my 2 channel setup. My thinking is that I would like to both protect the equipment and possibly send cleaner power to the components. I'm running everything on a 20 amp circuit.
My questions: The above Furman Elite 15i is 15 amp capacity. Will it work in a 20 amp circuit?
My gear; Mcintosh MA6500 integrated amp, Fios with dvr, Oppo dvd player, Wadia 170i transport, a MF V-DAC and a 42" Pansonic plasma.

Thanks for any help
I run one and find it to be fantastic. Didn't want to spend the money, wanted it to fail. Listened for a week and was hooked. System is more dynamic, blacker background. I hate it when technology works and costs me money!!!
I think for my application of Mcintosh and dvd or Mac and digital (wadia and MF V-DAC) source or 42" plasma a 15amp unit should be more than plenty.
Maybe (future) my theater will need a 20amp maybe two 20amp units.
Markeetaux - I have Furman Elite 20PFi. Sound has less of bass resonances and, possibly because of that, cleaner midrange.
What surprised me was brighter and more colorful (stronger, cleaner colors) DLP HDTV. TV is 100% digital so I suspect it has something to do with pixel jitter. That's what Furman claims in advertising but I was very skeptical.

I keep everything ON all the time and sleep better knowing that it has very good over-voltage protection. I use it on 15A circuit.
Received my Elite 15i on Wednesday the 10th. Probably have 12-14 hours on it and honestly don't hear any improvement as yet. Maybe a slight step backwards. Also don't see any improvement on my video feed from Fios either.
Is there a break in period? I'll report back after 100 hrs.