Furman Elite 15 vs Panamax 5100-PM

Looking for line conditioner and protection for Panasonic Plasma tv. Both the Furman and Panamax are offered via my local dealer.

Any thoughts as to which will offer the best picture quality and protection for my new TV?

Thank you
Furman has the edge, both in performance and warranty.
Panamax should not even be considered... not in the same league.
Thank you for your responses.

After doing some more research, I found that Panamax actually bought out Furman and that they are both made in the same building. I've found several people that use the Furman for audio....they have been happy with it in that application, and I have found many that use the Panamax for video....they are very happy with it in that application, notiing improvements with picture quality.
Well, I ended up buying the Panamax 5100-PM with the intention of selling it here on the 'gon if I wasn't pleased with it and then go ahead and get the Furman.

I am happy to say that the picture on my Panasonic ST30 is incredible with both the dvd and HD cable box running thru the Panamax.

What I wasn't expecting is that the sound with my Linn Integrated amp running thru the "high current" section of the Panamax sounds much cleaner and has absolutely zero limiting.

I can say that the Panamax 5100-PM has exceeding my expectations and at only $300 new and free shipping via WEBDEALING on the auction site is a heck of a deal in my humble opinion.
Both are great I am a dealer for both. Right now I favor the better Fermans. Get the one that does not shunt a sureg to ground though.