Furman Elite 15 PFi - just purchased 3-2023

So I've spent well over a year reading and listening to info on power conditioners, both pro and con. Looked at all brands from $1K to around $3K. As my entire system is around $25-30K, I figured that was a reasonable range for one. I don't have a dedicated AC line, I checked into it, but it would have been expensive for my home.

I was using an old (circa 2000) Monster Cable power solution for all my components except for my Luxman 590AXII which was plugged into the wall. I had upgraded all my AC power cables to the $150-200 range, but I can't say upgrading the cables did much for me. 

The Furman Elite 15 PFi however has made a positive difference in sound. I now have everything plugged into the Furman (it has an outlet for power amps). So what do I hear? Well, it's more like what I don't hear.

I can't exactly describe what it did, but music just seems a bit clearer, there's a little more defined space around the instruments. Maybe like a layer of grunge has been removed? Less electrical noise? And yes, I've read/heard that doesn't make sense. However, what I hear, or don't hear, is similar to the difference I heard going from a low end DAC ($1K) to a mid-tier one ($6K range). So I know there is something real happening.

I wanted to share what I found. You guys can debate it. I'm not trying to talk anyone into anything, or dissuade those that say conditioners don't do anything. I am just reporting on my experience and journey.

Hope it helps others. 





I bought the same power conditioner several years back and found it made a positive difference in the sound of my stereo.  And then, as I worked on major upgrades to my stereo, I moved up to the AQ Niagara 5000.  Expensive, but an even further improvement in the sound.  I’m not saying get the Niagara 5000, its relative to the level of equipment just as I would not move into something costing over $10k for my system.

So I put my Furman Elite 15 in my HT system and wow what a difference it made to the TV picture.  The picture became sharper and the colors richer.  No debating what the Furman can do when you can see the difference in the TV picture.  It’s a great visual demonstration.  

Funny story- I recently bought a new OLED TV and sold my previous TV.  I set the old TV up in the Garage to demonstrate it to the buyer.  When I turned it on I panicked for a moment because the picture looked a little fuzzy and the colors dull. Then I realized it was no longer plugged into the Furman.  The buyer was happy with the great picture however and I made the sale.  I’ve tried to convince friends and family that they need a Furman on their TV but apparently its not as important to them.

PS.  I never experienced a benefit in sound plugging the amplifier(s) into a power conditioner.  

Refreshing to read your post. No one can refute what one hears in ones own system. Just a factual account of what you heard. Sometimes we get buried in theoretical opinions as to why something can or can’t sound good. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I bought a different model Furman. The 3 amp continuous and 45 amp peak reserve is provided by it’sinternal power storage.

I have a separate 15 amp circuit, but, like OP, not necessary using a Furman (or other similar unit) Essentially you can fill it with dirty power, out comes purified power capable of instantaneous bursts of power without immediately needing/using the dirty power that ’fills’ it. 3 amp continuous is a LOT!.

I turn the whole system on/off with it’s switch, never experience anything that hints at power as the source of a problem.

With everything fed from the Furman, there’s no reason to buy expensive cables for your components beyond that provided by OEM.

Considering capacities, remember, only one source is drawing power at a time.