Furman Elite 15 DM i vs Elite 15 PFi

Hi all,

I need a power conditioner in my bedroom for my setup. I'm debating on getting either the Furman Elite DM i or Elite 15 PFi. The dealer said the difference is the 15PFi has Power Factor technology and the 15 DM i does not have PF Technology. He said it(15 DM i) would do what I needed.

My question is: Is there any true benefit of having the Power Factor technology. I know it keeps a amp reserve when extra power is required. In my bedroom, I don't have it turned up super high at all. I'm using a Furman 8 outlet power strip but I also need some more outlets as I plan on adding some more gear in the future in my bedroom like a DAC etc.

Any experience and/or thoughts are most appreciated. I also was considering Belkin AV power conditioner as well. Thanks in advance all.

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Thanks Elizabeth. I know what you mean about the mark up on Furman stuff. I have a Ref 15i in my main system. The build quality on them is second to none and the Ref series have some serious weight to them. The dealer has the DM i listed for 490.00 CAD. He offered 475.00+ taxes CAD. Not sure what these for for in the U.S.

I may try and see what is on the used market as well. My budget right now is around what the dealer offered and I wouldn't really want to go any higher. I don't listen everyday to my bedroom but I need a reliable power conditioner to protect my gear. Furman has done the job in the past and done it well so that is why I would tend to stick with them. Thanks for your post.

I pulled the trigger on the Furman Elite Furman DM i power conditioner on Friday. I felt that it will do the job and fulfills my needs. I wish the cord was a bit longer (6ft) but I can manage it.

I should be receiving it tomorrow. I figured my power strip (Furman 8D) did not have the PF technology and it did the job quite well. So I think the Furman DM i will also do the job even better.

Thanks for the responses. Cheers.