Furman 20 or 20i

I am considering picking up a used Furman reference 20(i). Can anyone tell me what is new in the 20i over the older 20 model. The latter is considerably cheaper. Is it worth paying the extra $$$, or is the 20i a repackaged 20 with 90% the same internal circuitry and 90% of the performance?
"Furman's newly refined Dual-Screen Transformers yield the widest bandwidth of noise-reduction possible. This enables the IT-REFERENCE 20i to uncover unprecedented levels of video and audio detail, while insuring that plasmas, LCD screens, or video projectors are free of AC ground contamination from an audio processor or power amplifiers."

I seriously doubt it is worth the price differential. The "i" does look a lot better though (I had one).
Edorr - I checked datasheets and couldn't find any difference. I just installed Furman 20PFi and got big improvement in sound and picture.
Thanks all. I just picked up an old model reference 20 on ebay for cheap and have high expectations....