FUREZ products - anyone used them?

I found their site today and based on it's content, their products look very interesting, since they talk a lot about high conductivity copper

I'm more interested in their Spade and Banana connectors, but if anyone out there has used any of their products - can you please provide some feedback?

Much appreciated
I like the configuration of the Banana Plugs. This whole line looks SOTA.
Raks - that's exactly what peaked my curiosity

I couldn't find too many other reviews on WWW either

Guess I'll just have to order some and see what happens.

I'll keep you all posted :-)
So - they arrived this morning

Now, I'm not sure whether Furez are the anal ones or AV Outlet from where I ordered them are, but the package contained 4 pairs of individually packaged banana plugs and the little torx driver, with the requisite number of torx set screws as ordered. Also included were several latex gloves to prevent transfer of my own essential oils to the silver plated surface and a separate cleaning cloth for initial and subsequent cleaning.

The 4mm size were perfect for my 10 gauge cables and there was very little wiggle room. The bananas took about 3/4" of striped cable, which was more than any other plug I'd tried and the two torx set screws ensured the cable was gripped very firmly.

I installed some of my own heat-shrink tubing, but you can purchase pre-cut tube specifically for these connectors.

These bananas are the tightest fitting I have ever installed and getting them to the fully inserted location required a little effort and some caution, as the last thing I wanted was to snap off the pin. But that could just be my own paranoia.

So to cut to the chase - how did they sound? What improvements did I hear?

Initially, there was nothing startling about them, but I did detect a little more detail. So the quest began, which album would reveal the true nature of these bananas?

First stop was some test tracks that I am very familiar with. Most are from various jazz recordings and although there appeared to be a little improvement, still there were no revelations. So I switched to some orchestral tracks, which began to reveal more complete venue acoustics

With the old bananas, the reverberations of the venue seemed to stop at the speakers. There was always plenty of depth far beyond the front wall, but there was never any real projection of venue acoustics to envelope me in the performance, with the exception of a couple of very well engineered tracks I have.

But with the new bananas, I am right there in the performance and even multi tracked studio recordings have taken on a new live performance quality. And as I listen, I am clearly hearing details that previously were quite muted.

All-in-all a very worth while purchase, even before they are burned in.

I really think these guys at Furez know a thing or two about copper

SOTA? - it's just copper - but it's damned good copper with SOTA design!

I'm a convert - Try them.
P.S. - Furez also have some very affordable 10 gauge speaker cable that may just perform as well as the bananas.

BTW - I have NO affiliation to Furez - but I do like to give praise where its due.
After a couple of days burn-in the bananas are proving to be quite amazing - the spacial imaging has become very focused leading to much improved clarity.

Did I think they would make such a profound difference? - no, but I am delighted they have - proving yet again, connectors are a crucial interface in a high performance audio system.

If you already have good quality copper connectors, e.g. Furutech, then the Furez products will probably make little difference.

But if you have connectors of unknown origin or material, then the improvements the Furez may bring to you system will prove to be worthwhile.

If you are wondering whether the connectors I replaced were lumps of iron?
No - they were actually a well known "name brand" sold in many audio stores and by web vendors costing $18-$20/pair

By comparison, the Furez silver plated bananas were only $25/pair

BTW - the torx driver mentioned in a earlier post was a separate order item and not included. But it was worth purchasing, because the fit in the screw was very precise.

And remember, these connectors are a more pure form of copper, which may be softer than other brands, so be careful not to over tighten and strip threads.

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