Funny video about high end audio/WAF

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Justlisten, Very funny, thank you.
Loved it. So did my wife. thanks!
That was great!
It was pretty funny. Also, it's the first time I've seen the XtraNormal Text to Movie software for creating animated movies from just your own simple written text. Amazing when you think about it....
I didn't know Oprah endorses the Blose radio. Now I gotta have one!
Holy crap.That is hilarious. I have friends that think exactly like that. I have shoved an ice pick into my brain dozens of times.
There is a comment from the person who provided it that the point of the video is that the "high end" does not offer anything to compete with the Bose Wave Music System. The salesman offered three solutions, ranging from much more costly and involving multiple pieces of equipment to simply not matching the capabilities of the Bose.

"Look, here's the deal. I want everything in one box. I want the music to come out of the box. I want to play my cd's. I want to play my radio. I want to fill my room with sound. I want to pay no more than $500."

I don't know that the high end could or should try to compete, but I do know several people very happy with their Bose systems. They love the fact that it's all one box and that there's nothing extra to hook up, not even an antenna. Just plug it in, and everything works. If they want sound temporarily in another room, the garage, patio, etc., it's quick and easy to simply carry it where they want, plug it in, and . . . everything works.

None of the Bose Wave owners I know have been dissatisfied with their purchase; in fact, they're quite proud and happy to show them off. Music plays with what is, for them, an acceptable degree of fidelity, bringing music into their homes in a simple, stylish, unobtrusive, and, at least compared to "high end," inexpensive way.