Funny stuff from Paul Desmond

Check this out for a grin:

Of all the quotes attributed to him in the article, I thought this was the funniest.

On Ornette Coleman's playing, "It's like living in a house where everything's painted red."

Thanks for providing the link, I am a big fan of Desmond, particularly "Heat of the Night," and was not aware of his comic side.

Thanks,....I have been a Paul Desmond fan for a long, long time. One of my favorite thoughts/quotes was from a friend living in Manhattan when Mr. Desmond died,...he said.."all of Manhattan went into mourning".

Mr. Desmond may have been to Jazz what Cary Grant and Fred Astaire were to the stage side of Class...
Of Vogue fashion models, he said, "Sometimes they go around with guys who are scuffling -- for a while. But usually they end up marrying some cat with a factory. This is the way the world ends, not with a whim but a banker." now that's a very literary pun. i had the pleasure of seeing mr. desmond perform at least 4 times, the first 3 with dave brubeck. those were the days, my friends. thanks for the link, danvetc.-cfb
Like CFB, I also had the chance to see Paul Desmond perform live several times, and he was a joy to hear. As already noted, Desmond had a wonderful, dry sense of humor. Of all the quotes attributed to him, I always liked his description of his music: "the sound of 3 dry martinis".