Funny how streaming/digital still chases that analog benchmark.

Funny how manufacturers of streaming and digital gear continues to chase that elusive analog sound. I thought digital was better?

Before you all get your panties in a wad I enjoy both Digital and Analog but much rather listen to an analog source than digital.

So today I see  Innuos Introduces The PhoenixNET – A Network Switch For Audiophiles @ only $3500.00

Guess I do not see the point you can get superior sound for say $2500 or less with a decent turntable cartridge combo and phono stage. Hell Clear Audio has an all in one for $2500.

I just don’t get it and I do not care to either.
It's not superior, I just like, same way with RtR I hate most of the crap they recorded on RtR. I do have 3 that are wonderful. The Doors, Cream and Chet Atkins. The digital versions are better and higher quality playback.  I play the vinyl remaster of Chet Atkins vs my RtR vs The SACD.

Geez I like all three to tell the truth. BUT the digital through a 777ES or my server a simple Cocktail X40 with or without a Mac C2500 frontend.
It's better. No doubt about it either.

BUT oh yea there is a BIG ol BUT for me.. I'm waiting on a really good phono/tape preamp for direct head playback. My current vinyl rigs are OLD but very nice to listen to. Thorens TH124s/SME 3012/3009 (OLD)
and Russco.. and 303s with broadcast shure carts.

The RtR, I'm just setting down with it after 25 plus years. I'll check it out.
Tune it set the heads and bias. I went over the preamp boards, OLD stuff
5050 BII 2. I just need to wire it for direct head out.. 2 channel, I still have two months to wait on the darn preamp, CRAP.. 4 months now..

I'm playing back through hotroded C20 Macs with VERY nice phono and tape sections. WAY to much time for sure.. 10 years of tinkering..

I listen to more streaming than anything, then CDs, Vinyl, and tape 15 or 30 ips VERY good stuff. Is it BETTER? Sure better than live, recordings, most of those don't work out to well, for me. I like studio recordings.. The better the studio the better the music..FOR ME.

That why I brought up Chet Atkins.. That guy had some BIG chops....

I say if he were alive today, he'd be all over digital..YUP.. I still like my vinyl, and RtR, I like tinkering....

Oldhvymec .... never a truer word spoken. I wish that I  could afford r2r, but at 60 bucks a pop for tapes I just can't do it. My wee wife would string me up for sure.

I have always wanted a r2r deck, but the price of tape always held me back. I have to be satisfied with Dolby s cassette and hope for the best. Its a very pale comparison to r2r.

You are living the dream in my estimation my friend. Would love to hear your system some day.
Skychild you post pictures of a small resort common areas and call it your house. It's obvious zooming in. Maybe you have a condo there but that's not your house. Please join reality with the rest of us.
Audio2design did working for Broadcom make you this much of a douche or were you always this way? I was with you on the network switch thing but bud you have some personality issues here. Does the internet make you bold and brazen or are you like this in real life?

You are getting ME confused with Audio2design.....
I did not say anything