Funk TT running sloooow

My Funk vector mk1 runs ok for about one album. Then winds down to 31-32 rpm and no amount of speed adjustment, belt adjustment, pulley checking or cursing makes a difference. Belt has been replaced, bearing looks ok.
Unfortunately not a lot of joy from the manufacturer. I am looking to replace the motor but can't see any identifying marks or label.
Anyone got a lead or tip?

Got rid of mine precisely for the same reasons, constant speed fluctuation and extremely poor service from manufacturer. Too bad because it sounds amazingly good when it runs at the right speed.

Not sure if a speedbox from the likes of Pro-ject may work but I couldn't put up any longer with Arthur's unwillingness to help me through the process.

They also have an external power supply that comes standard with the Sapphire but not sure how much it will cost separately.

Your Vector mk1 uses a DC motor. The following information is taken from the Funk Firm website and describes Arthur's point of view between AC and DC motors:

"AC motors follow (lock to) the supply frequency which drives them.
DC motors have no such internal “lock”.
Left unchecked they can drift from the original setting. This can be for many reasons e.g. temperature.
The inclusion of a servo in the power supply design mitigates against this problem.
A good servo holds the motor speed without intrusion. A bad servo is either inaccurate or hunts or acts too severely.
Unfortunately good servos are not easy things to design.
Not surprising that manufacturers would rather take the easy option."

Arthur has had many issues with speed fluctuation in the past and now claims to have perfected the servo in the power supply to avoid speed fluctuation:

"The Funk Firm has continued to develop and expound the virtues of DC motor systems and offers them as upgrades for other turntables.

K-Drive is a class A design with a unique single ended output. This gives it extremely low distortion and a low output impedance with which to control the motor.

VX is a more cost effective alternative. It utilises elements of K-Drive in a more cost effective package."

I hope this helps and good luck in getting the speed right!

Happy listening!
did you check motor bearing? usually it should be accessible. all it needs is small drop of pistol or fishing reel bearing oil. when motor worms up it expands anc creates more tension.
interesting... it reminds me more of a 'safety recall' only with difference that buyer should pay for such.
glad that in my Michell after 14 years of usage motor is very stable and also on my Empire 698 the motor is stable after almost 40 years.
Funk Firm probably still has long way to learn about built quality IMHO.
did you check motor bearing? usually it should be accessible. all it needs is small drop of pistol or fishing reel bearing oil. when motor worms up it expands anc creates more tension.

Actually, that is not correct. With oil, like syrup, as you increase the temperature, the viscosity lowers, meaning it flows faster, or more easily.
Thanks for your replies Everyone.
I have heard somewhere Funk were using Premotec motors so will see if I can find there.
Yes the manufacturer did inform of a motor upgrade but would not give any pricing or ordering method (just a LITTLE frustrating)
And I agree Kinko65 a loverly neutral sounding TT with PACE when it's running well. This is why I am trying to resolve the speed problem.
Just for kicks I wonder what other kit everyone uses. I'm using the AR PH5 and Dynavector 20X H
Tubes baby tubes!
Well reviewed phono preamp and cart you own!

My setting is a little different:
Heavily modified RP3 that comes closer to RP8 standards, DV P-75 in enhancer mode, Lyra Delos, Cronus Magnum with set of Ultimo tubes (Tung-Sol and Genalex Gold Lion), GoldenEar Triton 7, Straightwire Maestro speaker/interconnect cables, APC power conditioner.

I am saving replace my little giant killer with either a CineMag 1131 blue SUT or Rogue Audio Ares with blue 1131 SUT.

Happy listening!

I'm trying to get off the audio roundabout as my next upgrade requires house with dedicated listening room...