funk firm t'tables?

Anyone know about funk firm tables? They're a newer lineup from the people at pink triangle. Sepcifically anyone know about the funk table? here's a few basic specs for 860 w/out arm.
The Funk is equipped with:
# Achroplat (pat pend): Improving on acrylic, it is the perfect Achromatic (non-resonant) support.
# Inverted Sapphire Bearing. Very hard, very highly polished. Seen in the highest performance decks.
# DC Motor drive. Low vibration and optimally matched to the platter?s inertia for consistent drive.
# Sorbothane connected feet to isolate critical midband energy from the outside world.
Also, I know people love this: what would you put as the best table in this price range?
This review might be a good start:

If it's really that good with a basic Rega RB250 arm, I suspect it could really kick ass with a fully modified Origin Live OL-1, or the Silver version.
Also, here's a comparison review with other sub-$1K tables:
a use denon 500m would be cheaper, and smoke all in this shortlist
Bear in mind that the current version of the Rega P3, the P3-24, is different, and more expensive, than the one reviewed in the above linked article.

07-25-07: Piedpiper
Bear in mind that the current version of the Rega P3, the P3-24, is different, and more expensive, than the one reviewed in the above linked article.
Good point. And anyway, it's hard to nail down just where the Funk firm competes, because--with a stock OL-1 or RB250 it'd be around $1150, but with a JMW-9 it would be $1800, with an Origin Live Silver, $1950, and with JMW9-signature, around $2100.
Is anyone aware of who is importing these?Any comparison to the Clearaudio Satisfy/Emotion series.Would you use the RB-300 Incognito or a Graham Robin,etc?? Would the arm choice dictate use or exclusion of any good MCs?
They're distributed by Two Channel Distribution aka Acoustic Sounds.
Someone just drew my attention to the fine print that in the above cited review the Funk was demoed with a several thousand dollar VdH Condor cartridge whereas the others were demoed with the stock cheapies. Mind blowing negligence!
Is anyone aware of who is importing these?
Needle Doctor also carries them.
I believe that the above mentioned VDH Condor was tried after several other cartridges,this was done to determine the limiting factors for the supplied table.I believe a re-read is in order.It seemed that the other tables didn't justify doing this.After looking at the represented graghing of performance,it wasn't necessary.
Piedpiper:who is the "someone" who drew your attention to this detail.It would be more prudent to have them post this,then to mention this on their behalf anonymously.
Yes,I am interested in this table.I believe it would be an asset to find products that perform above and beyond their price-point.
My question would be:for the money,what arm/cartridge mounted on the Funk Vector would yield the best results.
Vectuer,Rega modified or the up-coming redesigned Graham Robin?Is a Koetsu Black too much for this ?

"I believe that the above mentioned VDH Condor was tried after several other cartridges,this was done to determine the limiting factors for the supplied table.I believe a re-read is in order.It seemed that the other tables didn't justify doing this.After looking at the represented graghing of performance,it wasn't necessary."

From what do you infer all that?

I did reread the article before posting and just did again. I see no reference anywhere to trying out different cartridges either on the Funk or, certainly, on the other tables. An easy call would have been to use one or all of the cartridges used on the other tables, to try the Condor on all the tables, and/or to at least mention the HUGE price/quality discrepency between them. Since all the tables used a Rega RB250 variant except for the one RB300 on the P3, cartridge/arm compatability/differences would have been a nonissue. I find the reviewers methods ridiculous in this regard. Other than that I think the review was very appropriate given the apples to apples similarities between the table/arms.

In no way is any of this to knock the Funk. I'm very curious myself about it and, as a dealer, I plan on getting one to check out. My point is that, at least as written, it completely invalidates the review of the Funk. Perhaps his remarks were based on a more appropriate process than indicated and as such are valid exactly as stated, but I have no way of knowing that from the review as written. For all we know, the editor was the one who removed the relevent process for space reasons.

Re: the "someone", I hardly think it relevant. I took it as a prompt to carefully reread the article as opposed to take their word for it.

Re: the rest of your post, I don't think you'll get any argument from anyone.
Thank you for your response.Being a dealer,would you feel it appropriate to address the arm/cartridge questions?It has been a long while since I had exposure to the current crop. Would the compliance or other issues affect your choice of arm/cartridge?
Thank you in advance:Piedpiper.
Try posting or searching at, a UK hifi forum. There's many references to funk on there, and the participants own a wide range of turntables from Rega P2s and Technics SL1200s through AC Ravens and Notts hyperspaces.
Seantaylor99: thanks for pointing to pinkfishmedia, I always forget about that resource. I just wish you could search without creating a user account.

I just purchased a Funk Vector yesterday and I'm going to get the my Shelter 501 MkII cart mounted and see how it compares (by memory) to my stock Technics SL1210M5G... I never fully broke in the TT arm cable on the Technics though and it had no mod (the thicker Technics rubber matt that KAB supplies is better than the stock one FYI)

I'm not certain exactly what your question is. There are two levels of compatability, mecahnical and sonic. I don't feel as qualified as someone like Thom at Galibier to discuss mechanical table/arm compatibility issues but the mechanics of arm/cartridge compatibility are well documented here. The resulting sonics are, of course, subtler and more subjective. Since I have no experience with the Funk I can't comment at this point on it.

My experience with cartridges on the Rega arms has as much to do with my own taste as anything else. I find the Rega cartridges to be convenient to mount on the Rega arms but not my favorite in that IME although they are dynamic and clear in the midrange, they lack warmth and can be edgey on top. The lower end of the Benz line is a nice match as well as the lower end Clearaudios. The Sumikos work well. Audio Technica makes some affordable carts that might do well. I don't have experience with the latest Denons nor with the recent DynaVectors. I've never been crazy about the Shures. The cheaper Grados are a bit opaque although warm and rich.The cheapest ones are a bit tizzy on the very top. I would look at a better table/arm before I would pair any cart over $400 on any of the table/arms discussed in this thread. Older, no longer made carts is another topic.
Seeing that the Funk Vector with Incognito RB 300 is almost in the same price range as the new Clearaudio Performance,can anybody compare arms or complete tables:Satisfy,RB 250/300 modded or the Origin OL/Encounter?
Well I have about 10hrs on my Funk Vector with a Moth MkIII (RB300) and I installed a Michell Tecnoweight because I hate the stock weight adjuster.
Pictures of the table can be seen on my system thread.

My initial impression and purpose of buying this table was to hold me over till I could buy a TW Acustic Raven One with a Basis Vector 3/4 or Graham Phantom in 3-5 months.

But now I'm scratching my head thinking I'll ask my dealer if he will let me trade up the arm to a Michell Technoarm other wise I'll consider the Origin Live arms.

I'm pretty much stunned by how alive my vinyl is.. the Pace of this table just causes you to tap your toe. Some of my records that were dull and lifeless on my Technics SL1210M5G with the same Shelter 501 MkII and Dynavector P75 phono are now listenable to good sounding. The Bass is taunt and very articulate... I can't believe the tight tuneful bass out of this lightweight platter that starts up instantly and the screw down center clamp has a really nice feel spinning it down! The DC motor rocks... and speed stability is outstanding and I detect no wavers which I'm really sensitive to. The Rega P3 use to kill me to listen to because of the lack of pitch stability, even though my friends didn't notice it I did. So you mileage will vary. Vocals and instrument imaging is just floating in space with incredible depth... this whole staging was missing in my system... Music just seems upbeat and dynamic with this table and it never grates on you (even with some really bad recording that I have..)

Piedpiper: I disagee on your view of not running a $400+ cart on this table. Even if I upgrade to another table I'm going to buy one of Funk's Mats. I will say that my Shelter 501 Cart was a waste on the Stock Technics Sl1210M5G since it was only marginally better than the Audio Technica 440mla (the Shure 97xe was awful, I know ther are fans of this cart but talk about dull and lifeless, but then again it would tame a bright system). The Technics is a workhorse and I'm sure some of the KAB upgrades would have made a difference but I wanted built solution and with the speed stability of the Direct Drive and I found it in the Funk Vector Table with the 3 point belt system and the DC motor.

Tpsonic: I considered the Clearaudio Performance as it seems like a great package complete, but what I didn't like about it was the arm setup which can be finiky compared to an RB type arm. The magnetic bearings is a great idea and Clear Audio quality control is faultless. I knew I preferred a heavy platter over an acrylic platter and going to the Funk lightweight platter seemed totally counter intuitive but all I can say is WOW! I do wish I had bought an arm with better wire because I can imagine that would make a huge difference based on the discussions with other vinyl friends.

The only thing I can say negative about the Funk table is the factory packing was really poor, and lack of a manual. Also as you can see my table is about 3 feet from the 5" bass port on my Wilson Maxx's and even with my best bass snapping records the Plinth felt completely inert! No vibration and I was stunned that this ultra lightweight table's isolation could work this well. I will be trying the table on a Bright Star sandbox soon just to see if it helps.

Tonight I'll be running Cardas break in record to try to break in the attached phono cables.... now I just need to buy a bunch more vinyl and a record cleaner (I had a friend clean up a bunch of records on his VPI 17... wow that is slick and painless (I know you can do it for less but my time is worth something and I would rather use it to listen to music and cleaning in the sink) The 4-5hrs last night with the cleaned records (even brand new was an eye opener, it was like I upgraded my cart or something.) Time to order some of the Last products also.

Of course, better cartridges will be better even on an inexpensive table. I was simply suggesting that funds would be better appropirated towards a nicer table/arm. I was also grouping th Funk with the Rega P3 and related lesser versions discussed in that review, and that's with not having heard the Funk.
Have you experimented with other footers/lifting the table off the sorbothane ffet?
Tpsonic: haven't felt the need to play with the footers because within 2 feet my 5" Wilson Maxx bass port is located and the plinth on the Vector is vibration free. The newer Funk Vectors come with some O rings to set the feet in so you can keep them in control because the footer are allowed to flop around. My rack has a 1" MDF shelf and 65lbs of ballast (My Platinum Power PP1 balanced Power Conditioner). I have a Bright Star sandbox that I'm going to be placing the turntable on, but I'm not sure it's necessary.. I know I have played my system over 90dB without any feedback of any kind, so the footers and plint designe are working.
Footers, etc. have at least as much to do with how internally propogated resonances are handled as isolating from externally sourced vibes. Not to mention that resonances that are way too small to be felt can have very audible effects.
I am assembling an analog rig,which will center around the Funk Vector.My conversations with their supplier seems to indicate that the mounting of this table on its' sorbothane feet has pros and cons.The table is a de-coupled affair and the supplied feet ,keep it that way.However,the supplied feet (as attached) can collapse or shift (also noted in some of the reviews).Some experiments with coupling the table have changed its' sound,not always for the best.I intend to try some brass footers on mine,then use the isoblocks.This should give a little perspective on the coupled/decoupled situation.As I understand it,the sorbothane feet are attached via a small screw assembly.Sadly,that assembly is part plastic,so this should be done slowly and carefully.
LSD, little super deck, WOW....try it with the FF FX.RII arm, amazing combination. I am just "burning in " my Maestro V2 on this combo, it is stunning.