funk acromat turntable mat

I found that my funk acromat is so thick that when I use my record clamp it raises the record off of the mat.I can see a space between the record and the mat. Do I need a ring clamp now? Thanks.
joeyfed didn't mention your turntable. Have you tried using no mat at all? (don't forget to adjust your arm)
If you're using a VPI(for example) then the Achromat will be doing you no favours at all, you're better off with a bare platter.

The only thing I can say in the Achromat's favour is that it has a slightly lower noise floor than all other mats I've tried (damping effect), everything else (IMO) is downhill but ultimately it can boil down to a matter of personal preference.

One thing's for sure, if the LP has fresh air underneath then the Achromat won't be doing the job it claims to do (you could extend this disadvantage to the use of tape patches underneath the Achromat for self-adhesion to platter. These would also marginally change the behaviour in the same way i.e. decoupling).

No LP is truly flat though so you are bound to see this kind of decoupling randomly happening whether the LP is dished or warped ;^)
when I went to the acromat, I threw away my clamp.
Sorry, it's a vpi classic 1.I used to use a bare platter, guess I'll go back to using no mat.Thanks all. Joe
Hi Joey,
Did the Classic come with a bonded platter mat or did you choose the Achromat for a particular reason?

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