Funds held in Stripe Dashboard?

Newbie question...

I have completed my very first Audiogon transaction!!!  I sold some equipment and the funds were paid to my Stripe account.  For some reason, they are being held for a week before transfer to my bank account.  Are these funds secure, and can the buyer retrieve them?  (I'm not saying he would, just asking if he can.)  Am I safe to ship the equipment before the funds actually transfer to my account? Thanks for any insight.
PayPal does the same thing. Funds are withheld from the seller until 7 days after shipping. This is to make sure the shipment actually happens and the buyer receives it. I have gone through this several times myself. Patience is required!
The buyer cannot retrieve them. They are secure.
Never heard of PayPal holding onto any sellers funds tbh. Never happened to me.

But I know does the same for new sellers as you have here. They hold the funds in escrow if you like for your first couple transactions until you have built up some sales history.

Not sure how long this has been applicable to audiogon as I never had this on my first few sales here.
Thanks for the replies!  Just to clarify, this is not PayPal.  This is a system called Stripe, which was suggested by Audiogon when I signed up.
I do not have a PayPal account. 
Also, do I need to ship the equipment and have it received by the buyer in order to release the funds?
If this is your first time using stripe they will hold the funds for 7 - 10 days after the first successful payout they are processed according to your payout schedule. I signed up for this as well but never used it, more geared to dealers.  
I should also add even if you wait until the funds are paid to you the buyer will still have 7 days from date of delivery to request a refund. That's one of the rules with using stripe only way around that is accept a check or something and wait for it to clear before shipping. 
Holding funds by a gigantic company like Paypal allows them to generate interest on those funds. It might not seem like much, but consider that many millions are held in "escrow" at all times, which is essentially free money for the company, and no money for you until the arbitrary time period is over.
My wife used to audit banks years ago. It's amazing how much money the make on these few day holds. I think after the first hold with stripe the fastest payout is 2 days for the US unless it's considered a high risk then it's 7 days. It also varies by country. 
It is the same system as reverb uses and they expect you to ship right away even though you will not actually see your money for probably10 days. 
One reason I closed my ad for a guitar on reverb and went back to eBay with it. Fortunately eBay saw the light on musical instruments a while ago and matched reverbs 3.5% commission instead of their normal 10%.
Wish they would do same with hifi gear and match audiogon fees.