Fun with audio

OK! So, I got myself a TUBE amplifier, and the darn thing diddnt work. So i asked a audiophile buddy of mine and he said i neede to refill the tubes with AMP fluid.

Of course, the idiots at the local audiophile store had no idea what i was talking about, such as is when dealing with the inexperienced.

I decided to get a solid state amplifier for now, until i get the stuff. I decided to go with an Outlaw reciever. Im not sure how smart outlaw is however, advertising and listing thier address. They're gonna get arrested.

Also, my banana plugs dont look like they are going to keep. They make a real mess behind my amp and speaker, the question i have is am i supposed to leave the peels these things? Because i did and that might be the problem.

Im having a real hard time with this audio gear, i must be calimity chris, because my new $1000 marantz CD (Cup Display i assume) broke. Im not sure what purpose this serves in my system, but the tray that slides out which you put your beer on broke.

I think there is a problem with my Wison Watt puppys, they keep peeing on the floor.

I have to disagree with the Vinyl craze. Everyone insists that music sounds better on vinyl, i threw some rare beatles albums under each of my components and all that i see come from it is holes in the records from the speaker spikes.

yeah.. im kinda a dork.
hope somone gets a kick outta this
lmfao good thread, afta today i needed it.....
Yeah, I thought I could save money by buying a dog and a canary, putting them in a box and avoid buying a two way speaker. Between the shots and the food, I didn't save anything. The dog also got kind of mean whenever I tried to hook the amp up. Oh well.
I used to call my old basset hound a "subwoofer". I thought it was funny, but the hip cats, well...
ps - thanks for the levity
My friend had a Basset hound that had to have a steel rod put in his penis. "Sparky" was a great dog.
I've never seen such an expencive diamond toothpick as Lyra Helikon but surely comfortable to hold! OOPS diamond tip got stock in my tooth-hole!!!
Mara: Dental hygiene revisited: the best dental floss, Valhalla "speaker", is produced by Nordost Pharmaceuticals. It's a precious metal thin wire, meticulously delivered in mutliples and protected in an insulated transparent jacket (you have to peel it off). It's reusable!!! Recommended by the Boolagonian dental association!!!
BTW, the good thing about the Lyra toothpick is, it too is RE-USABLE. You zap it in the microwave & it's sterilised. Damnation of a deal! (can't say "hell" can I)
Just read above the post with BAT noise problem.
I'd suggest to decrease amount of peas and coca-cola consumed...