Fun and Adventure in Hong Kong?

I should have written earlier as I am now leaving in a couple of days but if any of you can give me advice for Hong Kong, I would greatly appreciate some tips on exploring.

So far, I have only been stuck in meetings and the lobby of the Mandarin, so it would be great to discover a more exotic experience.

Any suggestions for audiophile ideas? Food? Fun? Adventure?

Thank you very much.
Go to the Ocean Mall, I believe it is called in Kowloon. There you will find high end audio stores all on the same floor with unbelievable equipment, but not necessarily great listening environments. In most cities you have to drive all over town to see all the good stuff, but in that mall there were three or four great stores right near each other on the same floor. However, this was ten years ago when my wife and I were on vacation, but hopefully things haven't changed much. Take a sandpan boat tour through the harbors to look at the junks that people live on. You can catch one near the Jumbo restaurant which is a floating restaurant and a tourist trap.
Try to drop by Ocean Terminal and Harbour City. That's where the hi-fi stores are. There's another 9-storey building which houses most of hi-fi brands on all nine levels?! Unfortunately, I do not know the name. Will let you know if I find out the building and street name. Food are aplenty and cheap. Just do not order soft drinks by the cup. Order it canned especially if you are in those eateries along the road. That's a small street called Lam Kua Fong where all the happening pubs, bars and jazz clubs are. You can't miss it. Peak is worth a visit at night.

Join the Hong Kong Tube Audio Group now, we have many oversea members. Many of us would be glad to meet you and show you places to visit.

You may want to take a look there:

Go to Dudell Street in Central and visit Fortwise, Excel and Ernest Audio stores, incredible systems!
Hong Kong has a good selection of used hifi stores, International hifi on HK, Sun Wah and Ming Kai in Kowloon. Lots of very interesting high end equipment.
If you are into tube audio, the "Tube-o-phile Shopping Guide to Hong Kong" in our club website may interest you.

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