Fully Digital Playback?

I am looking for some input on the easiest and most efficient way to fully digital music. I am putting together a system from scratch as I sold my whole system when we moved into a condo. My last CD player was CEC TL51XR that I was very happy with due to its analog sound. I am confused about how many pieces are needed-streamer, transport music files etc.. I am just not knowledgeable about any of this. I do have quite a few CD's so I was thinking a starting point would be a modern cd player with a very good dac and usb? I would be looking to keep the whole shebang under $2,500 if possible. Also, do music files still sound crappy? Thanks
I use an Oppo 105 as a CDP/DVD/BR player and DAC. I feed a MacBook Air,
running Audirvana Plus, via USB into the Oppo to play HD digital files. The
sound to my ears is spectacular. I could not be happier. See my previous
post on this subject. Using an Apple TV unit I can also wirelessly stream to
the Oppo.
Is $2500 your budget for an entire system, digital front end, amplification and speakers? Are you willing to purchase some components used?
Mesch, the $2,500 is just for the digital front end portion. I'll be running a pair of monitors and an integrated amp. Used or new doesn't matter.
I just noticed that Arcam came out with an all-in-one cds27 which seems to have every medium covered. Has anybody heard it?
Music files will better than the disc with NEW Asynchronous (Re-clock and Re-time) DAC from $300 to $6,000.
I'm using Mac Mini with Amarra and ZDAC and sound amazing for less than $1,500.00