Fully differential tube power amplifier

Which tube power amplifiers are fully differential designed?
All the BAT's are. (Balanced audio tech) www.balanced.com

There are others. Some of the VTL's and Audio Research's are to. Depending on model and year. Atmosphere is another...
Atmasphere, every one of their amps and preamps is a fully Balanced Differential Design - from the 30wpc stereo amp up to their monster 500wpc monoblocks.

I think they always have been and always will be.
Monoblocs like Rogue M 150s. Diff Balanced amps should have XLR inputs, but even if an amp has XLR inputs doesn't mean it is a balanced design! Buyer Beware
Good advice from tweak1; and if atmasphere pops in on this thread pay attention to his response.