Fully automatic turntable recommendations?

I would like to purchase a fully automatic turntable for my 90 year old uncle, his age being the reason for a fully automatic, push-of-a-button type. It has to fit in a cabinet so doesn't need a dust-cover, but the cabinet depth is only 15 inches including room for any cables. The width can be up to 17 inches. Height doesn't matter. Can anyone suggest something better than the Sony and Denon that sell for $150? (I'll need a phono preamp also that can't be larger than 4" wide and 10 inches long.)
Have you considered the Denon DP-300L that comes with a defeatable phono preamp and goes for $300 or so?


The Yamaha PX-2 and PX-3 as well as Beogram 4002/4004/8000/8002 turntables are wonderful, linear tracking, fully automatic turntables. You never touch the tonearm!
B&O sounds like a great option here, those old tables are dirt cheap just make sure cartridgeis in good working order.
Dual CS-435-1 Fully Automatic Turntable about $750.