Fullrange Speaker for Quicksilver Silver 70's

I have a new pair of Silver 70's with quicksilver preamp. I was recommended to look into the Vandersteen 2ce sig 2's by my dealer. I asked Mike Sanders and he said they were a tough drive and recommended the Vandersteen 1c. Is there anyone out there with the Silver 70's...if so what are you using that works well with them. Looking for suggestions under 5K.

I was looking at Totem Forests or maybe Coincident Partial Eclipse any feedback on these would be great too.

I am using a Rega CDP, all Tara Labs The 3 RCA's and JPS Super Conductor Speaker Cables in a room 20 x 20 with 10 ft ceilings. I listen to mostly classical some acoustic rock and some jazz.
Always find it strange when one has a amp and looks for speaker to drive it.Always think it should be one before the other and sources with complimenting character(cleanest source cables to lighten darken etc).But if you like the Forests you get a hell of speaker for the money and if room isn't too huge plenty of power.Only read about Coincident.But since you bring up Totem always think Ushers have huge bang for buck.They have the monitor 718 and now a two small floor standers in there Dancer series I am really anxious to here.Another highly rated speaker that is easy to drive but can use power if throw it at it is Zu's.&5% of those who hear them love them 25% hate them no fence sitters (reviews of many of these speakers at 6 moons).Maybe not such a $$$ deal is The Devore line.But they are very good.If you have upward budget used Merlin MMe's.But if in the Totem showroom listen to the Mani 2.Huge bass even if kind of large monitor.But those amps will serve a lot of speakers.Maybe you'd like Dali Or Magnenpan 1.6's?Easier if you have speaker than say what's a good amp.

But you have keepers in those vales.I worked for a Krell/McIntosh.Linn/B&W dealer and we didn't sell used so I bought and sold a lot of our stuff and pieces brought in by customers.Only real regret of dozens of items I flipped was a Mesa tube amp.I think those Quicksilvers are same.Good sound and value and you might be bummed if you let them go.Lot's of choices for those amps.If your not in boonies than put some time in.Ohh yeah just like Maggie's which I kind of get (they do right what they do right better than anybody else but 3.6's my freind has always leave me scratching my head.Vandersteen unless you go waaay up in line.Never liked the 1 or 2 model unless it was in somebody's mid fi system (they are forgiving of bad electronics).Your amps deserve better.
Have fun
the amp should just serve the loudspeakers, s i agree it ideally is picked first...this time you're backing into it...however, the coincident is a great full range speaker, and the silver 70's will make them sound like 'end alls'
You may want to consider the Gallo Ref 3.1's. I use a pair of Quicksilver Silver 60's to drive them and they sound wonderful together. They are generally available used for $200 or less.
I have those amps and used them with spendor S8E's with great results,I now have them mated with spendor SA1's only because I like a smaller type speaker in my room and they go great together.I use el34 tubes in my amps not kt88's.Check out spendor,years ago I had vanderseen 2's and 3's placement was always a problem so the dealer recommended spendor so this is my brand of choice.
I forgot to mention Silverline since you mentioned the Coincident line.They are really easy to drive.But you have a lot of power on tap and no ability for triode so maybe it's a waste.But if you could spend what the amp cost there is a used pair up for around $3500 for $8K Total Eclipse which got great reviews (but they are very deep).If you had triode switch I'd try to here both of those lines as they have really easy loads.But still might be your cup of tea since they can handle a lot of power.That's nice in speaker (Zu,Silverline,Coincident) that they combine low power options AND high power.Looking to change from from my German horns and want T power or SET option so I might try to find Coincident dealer myself even if I would probably buy used.
You may find auditioning Coincidents a tough run. They are as a rule very bright fast and if you will audiophilish. However if you you want the best sound from a pure SET topology, there aren't a lot of speakers that toe the impedance line above 10 Ohms like Coincidents do.Except Vintage stuff I guess. Your horns and some single drivers.
tubes and horns work better, try a pair of jbl 4425 or jbl 4430, a good original pair.
Altec's too.Tvad has a pair of Sonata III's which would sound killer with your amps up but about 150% or your budget.They's be worth the deep dig into the pockets.High sens but not exactly 8ohm load but you could swing it fine.Real keepers.
Altec's too.Tvad has a pair of Sonata III's which would sound killer with your amps up but about 150% or your budget.They'd be worth the deep dig into the pockets.High sens but not exactly 8ohm load but you could swing it fine.Real keepers.